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How to Start Planning Space in Your Home

How do designers start planning the spaces in your home? When it comes to furniture layout and decorating, there is a process and simple rules that can yield great success. Designers are paid for this expertise and knowledge but you can utilize...

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8 Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a home, we all want to be sure we are putting our best efforts forward. If you are selling or buying a luxury property, one main concern might be how much experience your agent has. Of course, there are ma...

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Is Your Realtor Really Helping You?

Selling a home can be tricky work. You never know what tastes or desires the potential buyer has until they're walking through that door. As a homeowner, you can only hope the decor and arrangement you have is to their taste, or that they can o...

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I Couldn’t Believe What was Behind the Door

"It took my breath away!" There it was. Another home that seemed like something out of a movie. The driveway was fit to hold a fleet of giants, and the grand structure of the estate was impossible to ignore. Walking up to the estate, I w...

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How to Find a Home Buyer

The Data Doesn't Lie For all of April, May, and the beginning of June, open houses have been a consistent search term for many Jacksonville residences. However, that number is now on the rise! What does that mean for the sale of your home? ...

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