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I Couldn’t Believe What was Behind the Door

“It took my breath away!”

There it was. Another home that seemed like something out of a movie. The driveway was fit to hold a fleet of giants, and the grand structure of the estate was impossible to ignore.

Walking up to the estate, I was already taken aback. The rounded double doors were made of a dark wood. They felt rustic, yet whimsical and as they swung open I was entranced.

The glow of the atmosphere accompanied by the soft serenade of the pianist’s creation met my senses with the most relaxing and luxurious feeling imaginable. The spacious layout of the home gave me a sense of freedom and awe and as I moved through the over 6,200 square foot estate. I could not help but marvel at all of its details.

The marble descending staircase was fit for royals, as was every other feature in the home. The second story balcony was decorated with elegant metal railings that created a dark contrast in relation to the light palette of its surroundings. Chandeliers hung from many of the room’s ceilings like falling crystals and snowflakes frozen in time. The light radiating from them danced lightly upon the surface of the tiles below my feet. It felt surreal.

It’s a Real Place.

Tami Glover of RE/MAX WaterMarke offered a Broker’s Open on July 13th, from 4:00 – 6:00 PM. The home is currently for sale, and this event showcased the boastful and beautiful features of the luxury estate.

As people filled the rooms and halls of the home, I was following my nose. The smell of scrumptious bacon wrapped shrimp, fruit platters, and cocktails were calling to me.

As I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I found that I was suddenly not there for the food. Though the food was there and smelled delicious, I was captured by the elegance of the room. The kitchen had a beautiful glass like back-splash that continued to accent the archway that exited out to the front hall. The cabinets were a cream satin color, that complimented the granite countertops. These countertops, however, were like nothing I had seen before. With values of white, cream, gray, and slight tones of green, these counters were the perfect accent to make the room steal the spotlight.

It is the epitome of all luxury homes, and it’s for sale.

If you would like to learn more about attending one of Tami’s Open Houses or even if you are looking for or trying to sell a luxury home, Contact Tami Glover.

Event at Queens Harbour
Event at Queens Harbour Home for sale.