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How to Find a Home Buyer

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The Data Doesn’t Lie

For all of April, May, and the beginning of June, open houses have been a consistent search term for many Jacksonville residences. However, that number is now on the rise! What does that mean for the sale of your home?

More Jacksonville residences are looking for a home and wanting to attend open houses’. If you’re working with a realtor to sell your home, it would be a good idea to host an open house soon. The data supports the idea that people are looking for a home but they also want to see the home in person before making any decisions. Of course, they could do this with a private showing, but there may be a desire to see the home with less of an intimate setting.

Having an open house when trying to sell a home is always a great selling tactic, however, with the increase in people searching for these type of events, it is more valuable now than ever. The trend is on the rise and expected to continue to increase over the month.

Here are some tips for hosting an open house:

    • Host the open house during times your targeted demographic can attend.


    • Make sure to market the open house where people can easily find out about it – if people don’t know about it, they won’t come.


    • invite other buyers realtors to the event.


    • Stage the home, to add more appeal and vision to the buyer’s mind.


    • Cater food and drink to the event.


    • Create a flyer or handout that has information and details about the home for guest to take with them when they leave.


    • Try to collect information from those who attend, in order to follow up with prospects, get feedback, or see if agents have any buyers in mind (Raffling off small prizes can help).


  • Work with a realtor: With their experience and connections, you are more likely to sell your home and get what your home’s true value is from the transaction.

What does an Open House Accomplish?

When you have an open house at your home, you invite potential buyers and ‘influencers’ into your home. An ‘influencer’ is someone who has connections to other individuals and in this case, those individuals may be purchasing a home soon. An example of an open house ‘influencer’ would be a Buyers Agent.

By inviting these individuals into your home you are increasing the opportunity you have of finding a buyer for the home. If you think of your home as a business, it is the marketing that lets the world know you are out there.

Many people feel that the internet is the most important place to be, and it surely is important. However, when it comes to purchasing a home, a buyer is more hesitant and needs more assurance that the home is up to their standards regardless of whether your listing photos are drop dead gorgeous or not.

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